From the Hatschbourg and Schlossberg great vintages, as well as the Soils of Kastelweg, Elsbourg and Dorfschatz





Our wines are the exact reflection of the grapes that we harvest by hand. Our grape juices (before fermentation) and our wines do not undergo any correction (sugars, acids,...) or addition (yeasts from oenology), nor replenishments (acacia gum, tannins, ...), are used.


Thus, their aromatic (nose) and gustatory (mouth) qualities are the only result of the control of our yields (concentration), the work of the soils (aromatic richness and mineral qualities) and the respect of our grapes (accompanying winemaking techniques: long and progressive pressing of whole grapes, control of fermentation temperatures, ageing on lees).




The wines we produce are the result of three major impulses:


1. A drastic control of yields: our average yield is 45hl / ha. The average age of our vineyard being 35 years, it is possible for us to produce little more easily than on young vines


2. The organic cultivation of our vines: this makes possible the biological activity of our soils and influences the aromatic and structural characteristics of our wines.


3.The undisputed ability of our terroirs to produce excellent or even great wines if the cultivation methods and yields are adapted.


Thanks to these three data, our wines have an assertive identity, intimately linked to their terroirs, which makes them particularly suitable for gastronomy.